And Chef On Became a Part Of The Family…

The only reason I would love foreseegame always because it introduced me to Chef On. The brand produces delectable bakery and confectionery and for a sweet tooth like me, it was easy to fall for it. It all started, when I managed to win a gift hamper (from Chef On) by playing some easy prediction stuff at foreseegame. I have played earlier, but never won gift hamper. Every time it was a monetary gain, but with gift hamper like Chef On, I was simply elated.

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I’ll tell you why.

Just a few days before winning the gift hamper, I had the Chef On butter Cookies at my friend’s place and I loved it. That awesome taste is pretty unlikely in the cookies I usually have. The buttery taste along with subtle sweetness simply pampered the taste buds. No doubt, when I got a pack of Chef on butter cookies as a gift hamper I was too excited. It was a small pack, but right then I wanted a big one for my family as I was absolutely sure that everyone in the family would love it.

As I logged in to the ( the manufacturers website), I found that Chef On has its range of products that includes everything from confectionary and bakery to snacks, sauces, pastas, brownies and what not. In fact everything that you need everyday to please your taste buds.

Later, they have also launched energy bar and chocolate, which are one of their kind. My 5 year kid is simply in love with Chef On’s Dark Chocolate. They come with the advantage of customization and that’s what is really good. You can choose and personalize either a 50 gm pack or a 100 gm pack and that too online simply by a few easy clicks.

And finally, I would certainly admit that foreseegame is the place where I got to know about Chef On and I would always be grateful because now chef on has become my favorite brand.


Types Of Puzzles That Are Absolute Brainteasers!!

Are you the one who have a skin for decoding facts and see through illusory objects? Then puzzles are the perfect pastime for you. Being an absolute brainteasers, puzzles have already had great popularity, but with the arrival of free puzzle games online, the popularity has increased even more. Here’s a look at 6 types of puzzles that already have become mainstream in the world of online entertainment.

1.Logical puzzle– The toughest of the lot is the logical puzzles. The problems in these puzzles seems so simple, but solving it requires a good logical reasoning. And they are fun stuff too. Try out to sharpen your analytical skill.

2.Spot the Odd– Though it’s meant essentially for the kids, there are stuffs, which are popular among the adults too. Why? Because they are easy, fun to play and the perfect stress busters. You simply need an observant eye.

3.Numeric Puzzle– Are you good in dealing with numbers? Well, the numerical stuffs are all for you. If you are the one who spend most of the time solving Sudoku at newspapers, try out numerical puzzle online that are simply great.


free puzzle games to play

Free Puzzles Online

4.Sudoku– Resembling the numerical puzzle, Sudoku also needs a good deal of logical reasoning. A Sudoku player needs to fill every blocks keeping the logic in mind.

5.Riddles of the missing word– This is no less than of a mind exercise. This also helps building your vocabulary. All you need to do is to find the missing word that could complete the entire sentence aptly.


6.Crosswords – Engage yourself to something really productive. That’s what Crosswords are. It increases your vocabulary skills and stock of words.


Explode Your Taste Buds With a Buttery Delight

delicious cookies from sastasundarBeing a customary player in, there was this one time that I participated in a contest that this platform was conducting. The contest was truly an exciting one. A very novel concept of this contest and the sponsoring brand both were equally mind blowing that got hold of my attention. Had I not participated I would have never found out my favorite cookie. Does it all sound too confusing? Well…Let me share my experience and you would get to know how I found out my cookie love…

We met through the contest– The fun contest was conducted through Foreseegame. We had to write the name ofFeel the taste of delicious cookies the brand Chef on in different styles more like doodling it in new forms. The reward for the contest was that the winner gets gift hampers from chef on and all the participant would get Chef on cookie of 100 Gms. I was one eager participant and although I did not make it up to the winning list as a participant I was given the chef on cookie jar. That was when me and my favorite cookie met for the first time.

Chef on Cookie– The Chef on Butter Short Bread Cookies were simply awesome. Trust me when I say it the core. The smell of butter and the crunch, it just melts in your mouth and leaves a very pleasing effect. Both the smell and taste can relinquish your taste buds to the nostalgia of an old bakery with the feel of a buttery delight.

Best Friend to a quick bite -When the sweet cravings give in, this cookie can really be your best friend. This comes in a well package tin jar containing 500 Gms containing about twenty to twenty five cookies.

For a sweet experience after a brunch this cookie can surely leave you refreshed and happy. This one is really a keeper.

In today’s date, cricket is not only a game but a huge platform of entertainment. And IPL has become a new craze among the cricket admirer. IPL, no doubt the best form of cricket where prediction is intensely involved.

Playoff Pressure Swaying Over the IPL Top Scorers

So far, fans had experienced a series of intriguing and close matches. With just 17 matches to go before playoff begins on 24th May, it’s quite obvious that you have all the eyes stuck at the points scored by the teams. The race towards the most integral stage of IPL 9 is surely shaping up with characteristic twists and turns, but Sunrisers Hyderabad with 14 points in its bag definitely atop the list. However, following its loss against Delhi Daredevils, it’s definitely a warning call for Hyderabad to brace themselves more before the next two matches before playoff. They, in fact need two more wins to score 16 pints and be placed in the first qualifier.

Rising Pune Supergiants and Kings XI Punjab seem to be out of contention but if any of the current top scorer fail to retain their so far “comfortable” position, these two teams might make into the playoffs.

Among the other table toppers mention must be made of Gujarat Lions. With 14 points already from 11 matches, they seem to have sealed their place in. Among the three matches, only two wins will ensure them a step[ forward to the Qualifiers. But, in case of any misfortune if Gujarat loses all three matches, they will remain on 14 points and only the downward spirals of the other teams might get them a chance to get into the playoff round.

However, the sudden spikes from the likes of Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, also propel their position at stake and sources said, their present form is pretty good to knock out Gujarat and Hyderabad from the race of top four.

With 14 points in the score bag, it was somewhat easier in the past season to sneak into the playoffs, however, the season 9 is shaping up with unexpected turns with most of the teams performing their best. With Hyderabad and Gujarat, both standing with 14 points currently, it’s important to take the Net Run Rate or NRR in due consideration. Keeping this point in mind, Delhi Daredevils seems to have been in better position than Gujarat Lions, in spite of scoring just 12 points.

5 Trends That Rule The Online Gaming Industry In 2016

“And, 2016 will be a great year for online gaming”.

The growing popularity of the online games was pretty noticeable over the past few years. But, online gaming became so mainstream only after its availability in the mobile devices. A lot of game developers these days are pushing into the mobile space to fetch maximum visibility of their games. Along with that, there’s a growing penchant for online prediction games.

1.Free –to-Play (F2P) Games

Virtual entertainment has turned out mainstream these days, but its popularity depends mostly on the hassle free and quick accessibility. No matter how interesting is the game, if it’s not widely accessible, you can’t reap out the benefit of it. So, most of the developers are using F2P business model in order to attract users. People would love to deal with new and interesting things that won’t cost them a fortune. And that’s the reason F2P model is highly famous and it is expected to continue like that. F2P models are now being accessible through mobile and PC consoles as well.

2. Games Available as a Service

Gone are the days, when a gaming model used to arrive in a “box” and you were the only one to play the game. And as soon as a new model is released, the existing one soon became extinct. Currently, the digitally accessible games are available in a multiplayer format and a new development comes with an “upgrade” option for the existing games. Thus, there’s no “finish line”. With the concept of cloud computing”, the users can stay abreast of the regular updates, including new content, events or options for downloadable content (DLC). Saved in cloud, these games have widespread accessibility ( since they are available on multiple devices) and extended lifecycle. All it needs is a robust internet and no matter where you stay, getting the access is no big deal.

3.Games Having Global Reach

The digitally accessed games have widespread reach. That’s why, the game developers are relentlessly trying to incorporate more diverse themes and genres into their games so as to attract worldwide audiences and retain the global appeal. And with the benefits of “Cloud”, achieving global domination is easier than ever before.

4.Going mobile

Nowadays, people spend most of the time staying hooked t o their handheld devices. Staying tuned to the world even play games on mobile phoneson the go has become a status quo. Studies reveal that the revenue generated from the mobile gaming already surpassed the console gaming in the recent times. No wonder, developers are more inclined to develop gaming app for the smartphones. It’s having effect on wider demographics.

5.Power of Prediction

People love making predictions and that’s where the developers are highly focused. Coming up with prediction based stuff, developers are all set to attract a mixed demographics. Making prediction needs no knowledge , yet there’s a fun. There’s an adrenaline rush always. No wonder, the popularity of the prediction games online is highly increasing. There’s always something interesting about getting rewarded for foresight.

The gaming landscape is on the chance, especially with the digital boom. A new update is going mainstream in almost every minutes. To keep up with the flux, it’s important to stay tuned to the ruling trends.

Planning to Put Up a Contest on Facebook Timeline? Here’s Some Creative Ideas!

Running contests on Facebook is a superb promotional strategy, but only when you are doing it right. Before you dive in, keep the business perspective in mind, otherwise all your efforts might go into waste, even after weeks of creative preps. Timeline contest is a marketing initiative that needs a lot of consideration. Unless it looks irresistibly convincing, running even a free contest would be simply pointless.

Check out these creative ideas and implement these next time when you decide to run a Timeline Contest on Facebook.

Sweepstakes or Contests
This is a great way to get lot of likes and shares. But make sure that the prize offering is intended to the core (niche) audience. Offering prize to a broader audience will depreciate its value and won’t have any long term impact.

Put a single line keeping a “blank” to be filled. Ask the participants to fill it with appropriate word. These are great for travel brands.

You can ask your core audience to tell a story about your brand from their personal experience. This kind of contests usually attract a large volume of participation through likes and shares. Also, this promotes interaction and engagement in your site.

There’s something called prediction. Ask your audience to predict what would be your next product. Prediction stuff always triggers adrenaline rush higher. While having an increased number of likes and shares, this kind of sweepstakes also promote large volume of participation. Moreover, it will have long term engagement.

Quizzes are simply great for the Timeline Contests. When people look for contests to win, the most preferred thing that comes in their way is the quiz competition. Through quiz, you can actually target a broader audience. It’s also a great yet entertaining way to test your customer’s knowledge about the brand. Say you ask them a tricky question about the product or the services you offer. It’s a fun way to keep them engaged and educate them at the same time. Leverage Facebook AgroPulse to make the most of it.

Photo Contests
Online photo contests are simply superb when you are looking to get a large volume of participation via timeline contests. This a wining promotional strategy too. Say, you are launching a new product in the market. Now, to spread the buzz, ask your existing users to post a photo with a popular product of your brand. Or, you can ask them to take a photo of the new product and spread the word through shares. Participant with the maximum number of shares will be declared winner. No matter, if you are not offering a cash reward. There are people whose interest gets spurred on the very thought of winning something. Such kinds of contests help a lot in making a far-fetched impact and promotes engagement.

Graffi-Tee Contest

Click here to participate in this contest

And before we finish…
The ideas are countless and once you get it right, timeline contests can be your winning card. But contests comes with an objective. The objective of reaching your goal. So, before you run an online contest, make sure you get the right pulse of your audience.