Guessing Games Are Always Fun To Win

Will tomorrow be a sunny day or a rainy day? Or probably it will be cloudy or maybe not. Will there be an increment in office this year? Or will India be free from the clutches of the vice, women empowerment issues or will a particular sports man win medal in Olympics?

Everything is about prediction, about guessing but have you ever pondered on the fact that guessing can also win you something in reality. Now you can predict and win. Yes believe it and to do so you have to participate in the variety of games that the online world of virtual reality presents you.

Here are a few interesting facts that you can guess on and the reward you get is really beyond your expectation:

Games like Treasure Hunt– Treasure hunt games are always fun to play. With, one of the most trusted and genuine gaming portal, you can get to win absolutely amazing rewards. In the treasure hunt games all that you need to do is just make a small guess work and if the your guess hits the right note then bingo. No one can stop you from winning.

Buddy Bonanza– With this category you can never be bored with the amusement it gives. You are given a picture. Take some time to ponder on that familiar face, may he is some celebrity actor whose childhood photo is given, you have to guess who the star is and the best part you will be provided with answer options so even if you mix up or have any doubt you can always check out the answer option to get a subtle clue and for this you can win an equal share of cash reward worth Rs. 600.

Spot it Right– With Spot the difference you can do a little bit of brainstorming as playing this you will be needing full concentration. Tallying both the pictures you need to spot out the differences that the second picture has. Here too you will be provided with answer options as to how many difference can you make out and yes gifts or may be vouchers are a part and parcel of playing.

Luck By Chance– This is one of the most simple and fun way of winning mega gifts such as mobile phones, digital camera or may be head phones too. All you need to is just say whether you want to participate or not, the answer option given will be a yes or a no and here your luck has to be on your side. If it is so no one can stop you from winning.


Healthy India- Making lives Better

A healthy country is like a Universal asset. So to make a healthy India a strive concerning individual health should be take care of. There is a common saying that states “Health is Wealth”. By health we do not mean just physical stability, but a state of physical, mental and social well being. We know that to keep ourselves up and running in life we need to be both physically and mentally fit and being healthy is a proof that we are ready for life.

Lets take an oath to stay healthy –

Healthy India is possible with a healthy ‘you’ so remember these important factors below:

Exercise and sports-We say that staying physically fit will keep us happy which eventually is scientifically proven. Exercising and physical activity releases endorphins in our body which are also known as the happy hormones. So by staying fit we also stay happy.

Food Habits– We cannot live without food. But we can live longer if we consume the right food with proper nutrient content and a balanced diet. We should consume more of veggies, pulses and raw food and less of food items that are spicy in nature. Intake of junk food should be reduced for better health. To keep fit, we must consume a lot of water and include salads and fruits in our daily diet. These items provide fibre and roughage to our body which helps to keep our digestive system smooth.

Yoga and meditation– India introduced the world to yoga. Yoga is an ancient exercise form involving stretches, twists, and turns and breath control in the most complex ways. It is said that practicing yoga on a daily basis integrates the mind and soul and brings an individual at peace. A peaceful mind is free of worries and has the ability to take stress with a smile and this is the biggest characteristic of being healthy.

Cleanliness and hygiene– Keeping our environment clean is the least we can contribute towards the society. By taking care of the surroundings we live in and keeping it clean, we eliminate the possibilities of dangerous diseases which has a direct effect on our health.

To conclude we would say that our body is like a temple and we should take proper care of it. All our life we are fighting for a safe and glorious career, money, and other worldly pleasures but we tend to neglect the most important wealth that God has given every individual, that is, Health.

Make Money Online Without 9 To 5 Job

If your prestigious, yet suffocating 9 to 5 jobs seem have already engulfed most of your “me” time, it’s time to let it go. And that too without even worrying about your earning, because you can now earn simply from the cash winning game onlines and that too at your convenience. And from the comfort of your home.

So what’s the fuss?

The fuss about the online games revolves round their rewarding aspects. So, one can find a full-fledged entertainment dose in it. The modern day online games have come a long way and finally emerged as a daily fun potion for everyone, for all age group. No mater, if you are a student or a bread earner of your family, these online gigs are available for all. If you win, you will be rewarded.

What’s there in the games?

Online games are mostly about the prediction based stuffs that are likely to keep you engaged round the clock. Cool, short quizzes are asked and you have to simply answer those based on your intuition. No doubt, some amount of knowledge is required for active participation, but, if you can predict well, the chance of winning is quite high. Questions are asked from subjects like sports, politics, weather and many more. There are also various kinds of contests and IQ based gigs which are surely going to tease your brain. And it needs simply the correct guess to win the huge collection of attractive prizes.

Is it all about earning?

Yes it is! Difficult to believe though, the fact is such games come with huge earning potential. They are tagged with cash prize, discount vouchers, gift hampers and many more. The best part is you can play as many games as you want. If you manage to win several gigs, you can accumulate quite a volume of cash, which counts as much as 1 lakh a month. Isn’t it a big bet and way better than a mind boggling 9 to 5 job?

Also there are discount vouchers that allow you to get things from a signature store at significantly discounted rates. No doubt it saves a lot of your money from being spent with no reason. You can also avail 100% discount, if you manage to win the game. That saves you from spending a dime as well. While a 9 to 5 gives you a good deal of money to get things of your dream, playing such money making games can win you more cash and the discount vouchers, that are no different from a salary of a 9 to 5 job.

And there are gift hampers as well. On winning the games, you can also get gift hampers, which include a large number of utilities that you are likely to buy with your money. So, with these games you can suffice the needs that are otherwise required to be purchased.

And finally it’s all about the convenience

True that the convenience quotient of earning from online games is way higher than that of a typical 9 to 5 jobs. Moreover, you can play from the comfort of your home at your convenience. No doubt it saves a lot of transportation cost, which you can spend otherwise.

In today’s date, cricket is not only a game but a huge platform of entertainment. And IPL has become a new craze among the cricket admirer. IPL, no doubt the best form of cricket where prediction is intensely involved.

Win a Renault Kwid with New Year Dhamaka At Foreseegame

300x250Do you think that your power of intuition win you a Renault Kwid on the wake of 2016? Well, you can try your luck at that has recently launched “New Year Dhamaka”

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Intolerance Is Going To Be The Debatable Subject In Parliament In The Winter Session, Says Opposition

When the lawmakers were busy debating various provisions that are worthy to be  discussed on the table, the winter session of Parliament  set out smoothly with the issue of “Intolerance” that is  evidently a pressing concern  these days. On the eve of the first Constitution Day on November 26, the Parliament was celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of its architect, BR Ambedkar and that’s when the issue of “Intolerance” came up in a blow.  While the growing conflict is palpable on the issue of “Intolerance” over the past few days, it has soon caught the attention of the “who’s who” in the Parliament. In fact, the discussion on growing intolerance gets underway on Monday.

However, on the other hand, there is a clear divide in the Opposition on the matter. A part in the opposition said that discussing such an issue like “Intolerance” in a significant session at Parliament will further brew up more discord across the nation.

In fact, it’s been already noted that the all-party meeting held on November 25 in the backdrop of actor Aamir Khan’s remarks on “growing intolerance”, there was an increasing demand for an early discussion on the issue. Surprisingly, the opposition had the highest pitch. In relation to this, they have also added that the act of returning of awards by writers, artistes and filmmakers can’t be overlooked by light treatment.

On Sunday, Congress’ KC Venugopal, the major exponent in favour of the discussion, avoided a response. But, the response was given by his colleague in the Rajya Sabha, Rajeev Shukla. Shukla said, “The intolerance issue will be certainly raised along with inflation.” On the other hand, Sultan Ahmed of West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress says “raising issues for debates shouldn’t transform into disruptions”. “We want the House to discuss every issue including intolerance, but there should no disruption,” Mr Ahmed said, adding, “Disruptions are also a kind of intolerance!”

Trinamool’s stance, from the very beginning was to discuss the government’s strategy to pass the Goods and Services Tax – Modi government’s flagship legislative agenda – in the current session of Parliament. In addition to that, Modi Government is also emphasizing on getting Congress on board with his already held attempt called chai pe charcha with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh on Friday.

Though Congress is yet to officially announce its stand after the Prime Minister’s meeting with their party president, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the junior minister for Parliamentary Affairs, voiced out an optimistic tone following the meeting. While sharing his view with the NDTV, Mr Naqvi said: “The issues that are related to the development of the country don’t belong to any party. I am sure all parties will come forward for the development of the country.”

Both PM Modi and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley have similar kind of interest about the GST. The bill however will be passed after holding a series of meetings with the opposition parties last week.

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UAE Government Will Allot Land For Building Temple In Abu Dhabi

It seems Narendra Modi is quite upbeat following his two-day state visit to United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the UAE government has adopted a revolutionary decision to allot land for building a temple in Abu Dhabi for the Indian community. As both the governments have agreed on this decision, it seems, PM Narendra Modi is being highly focused on increasing the fraternity spirit of India.

“A long wait for the Indian community ends. On the occasion of PM`s visit, UAE Govt decides to allot land for building a temple in Abu Dhabi,” tweeted external affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup.

Following this landmark  decision, PM  Modi  has  expressed  his  sincere gratitude to the UAE leadership. There has been two temples in Dubai already, one of Lord Shiva and another of Lord Krishna, but, there’s been none in Abu Dhabi. And the landmark decision of the UAE government is indeed  a  great news  for the large volume of the Indian communities  residing here.

Reports say that the UAE is the abode of 2.6 million Indian workers, of which around 20 percent are white-collar professionals. And about 30 percent of the UAE`s population are the expatriates, thus forming Indian community the largest nationality group. For all these people, there’s been no temple in the Abu Dhabi.  They had to go to Dubai during the time of Indian festivals and pujas.

During the first public engagement here, Narendra Modi paid a short visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a key place of worship in the UAE, which has always been known as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.  During this time, he was wearing a kurta with a cream and red stole and   spent about 40 minutes at the mosque. This grand mosque with 82 magnificent domes was built at the cost of USD 545 million. Duringhis  visit,  Modi was associated with UAE culture minister Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and minister of state for foreign affairs Dr Anwar Gargash. With such acts,  Modi has once again  upoheld the  secular spirit of India.

Currently, The Zayed Grand Mosque’s third largest in the world after the ones in Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia. And this mosque is also known for extraordinary marble mosaic which is also largest in the world.According to the UAE government, the proposed temple is also expected to be one of the largest landmark of the world to be built in the UAE.

Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE in 34 years and this time, it’s indeed a good news for India and the Indians living there.

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