Contest That Can Actually Win You Just Amazing Rewards! Give a Try

In today’s world winning gifts online has become easier than ever! And all the ‘Thanks’ goes to the exciting online quiz contests that offer great rewards and even jackpots. From online quiz to various prediction games, contests, the list is actually endless. But the real excitement picks up as you keep on participating. The more you play, more will be your chances of winning. If you want to play a contest to win then you have to increase the number of trials and also the entries.

Reward In new Wrap – Formerly the rewards were only limited to reward points or may be simple discounts but now a days the rewards are launched in an all new version. Basically things have changed now and with an increasing number of users, the reward structure has also been changed. Participating in online contest nowadays have comes with attractive cash prizes and reward vouchers from your favorite brands. As these games are growing popular every day, many leading brands are also taking part in such games as a sponsor. This actually leads to a win-win solution. The brands are gaining exposure without much of a hassle while the availability of the discount vouchers results in an increased traffic to the site.

The bliss of the digital world– In the digital world when the order of the day is made all online reward vouchers have become all the more popular.  By availing these one can get great discounts on the items of their preferred brands; sometimes you get 100% discount as well. And what more a shopaholic could ask for?

Best Part About Online Quiz Contest– The best part about online quiz contests are you do not need any specialized knowledge to win these. All you need to do is to log in and start playing. A smartphone or computer or any other handheld device is enough for you to keep playing anytime anywhere as you want. A way different from the tech games, these gigs have grabbed attention as soon as it is launched. You hardly need to apply the least of your intelligence to play these games as they are either prediction based or opinion based. Many knowledge-based stuffs are also available and if you are into these games, get instant help from the internet. And your chances of winning increases.

So all the folks and game buddies out there just gear up, pull up your sleeves and participate in the varied contests throughout the internet that wait just for you to get the rewards and once you get used to it, you will keep winning daily which is indeed encouraging.


Planning to Put Up a Contest on Facebook Timeline? Here’s Some Creative Ideas!

Running contests on Facebook is a superb promotional strategy, but only when you are doing it right. Before you dive in, keep the business perspective in mind, otherwise all your efforts might go into waste, even after weeks of creative preps. Timeline contest is a marketing initiative that needs a lot of consideration. Unless it looks irresistibly convincing, running even a free contest would be simply pointless.

Check out these creative ideas and implement these next time when you decide to run a Timeline Contest on Facebook.

Sweepstakes or Contests
This is a great way to get lot of likes and shares. But make sure that the prize offering is intended to the core (niche) audience. Offering prize to a broader audience will depreciate its value and won’t have any long term impact.

Put a single line keeping a “blank” to be filled. Ask the participants to fill it with appropriate word. These are great for travel brands.

You can ask your core audience to tell a story about your brand from their personal experience. This kind of contests usually attract a large volume of participation through likes and shares. Also, this promotes interaction and engagement in your site.

There’s something called prediction. Ask your audience to predict what would be your next product. Prediction stuff always triggers adrenaline rush higher. While having an increased number of likes and shares, this kind of sweepstakes also promote large volume of participation. Moreover, it will have long term engagement.

Quizzes are simply great for the Timeline Contests. When people look for contests to win, the most preferred thing that comes in their way is the quiz competition. Through quiz, you can actually target a broader audience. It’s also a great yet entertaining way to test your customer’s knowledge about the brand. Say you ask them a tricky question about the product or the services you offer. It’s a fun way to keep them engaged and educate them at the same time. Leverage Facebook AgroPulse to make the most of it.

Photo Contests
Online photo contests are simply superb when you are looking to get a large volume of participation via timeline contests. This a wining promotional strategy too. Say, you are launching a new product in the market. Now, to spread the buzz, ask your existing users to post a photo with a popular product of your brand. Or, you can ask them to take a photo of the new product and spread the word through shares. Participant with the maximum number of shares will be declared winner. No matter, if you are not offering a cash reward. There are people whose interest gets spurred on the very thought of winning something. Such kinds of contests help a lot in making a far-fetched impact and promotes engagement.

Graffi-Tee Contest

Click here to participate in this contest

And before we finish…
The ideas are countless and once you get it right, timeline contests can be your winning card. But contests comes with an objective. The objective of reaching your goal. So, before you run an online contest, make sure you get the right pulse of your audience.