Guessing Games Are Always Fun To Win

Will tomorrow be a sunny day or a rainy day? Or probably it will be cloudy or maybe not. Will there be an increment in office this year? Or will India be free from the clutches of the vice, women empowerment issues or will a particular sports man win medal in Olympics?

Everything is about prediction, about guessing but have you ever pondered on the fact that guessing can also win you something in reality. Now you can predict and win. Yes believe it and to do so you have to participate in the variety of games that the online world of virtual reality presents you.

Here are a few interesting facts that you can guess on and the reward you get is really beyond your expectation:

Games like Treasure Hunt– Treasure hunt games are always fun to play. With, one of the most trusted and genuine gaming portal, you can get to win absolutely amazing rewards. In the treasure hunt games all that you need to do is just make a small guess work and if the your guess hits the right note then bingo. No one can stop you from winning.

Buddy Bonanza– With this category you can never be bored with the amusement it gives. You are given a picture. Take some time to ponder on that familiar face, may he is some celebrity actor whose childhood photo is given, you have to guess who the star is and the best part you will be provided with answer options so even if you mix up or have any doubt you can always check out the answer option to get a subtle clue and for this you can win an equal share of cash reward worth Rs. 600.

Spot it Right– With Spot the difference you can do a little bit of brainstorming as playing this you will be needing full concentration. Tallying both the pictures you need to spot out the differences that the second picture has. Here too you will be provided with answer options as to how many difference can you make out and yes gifts or may be vouchers are a part and parcel of playing.

Luck By Chance– This is one of the most simple and fun way of winning mega gifts such as mobile phones, digital camera or may be head phones too. All you need to is just say whether you want to participate or not, the answer option given will be a yes or a no and here your luck has to be on your side. If it is so no one can stop you from winning.


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