Healthy India- Making lives Better

A healthy country is like a Universal asset. So to make a healthy India a strive concerning individual health should be take care of. There is a common saying that states “Health is Wealth”. By health we do not mean just physical stability, but a state of physical, mental and social well being. We know that to keep ourselves up and running in life we need to be both physically and mentally fit and being healthy is a proof that we are ready for life.

Lets take an oath to stay healthy –

Healthy India is possible with a healthy ‘you’ so remember these important factors below:

Exercise and sports-We say that staying physically fit will keep us happy which eventually is scientifically proven. Exercising and physical activity releases endorphins in our body which are also known as the happy hormones. So by staying fit we also stay happy.

Food Habits– We cannot live without food. But we can live longer if we consume the right food with proper nutrient content and a balanced diet. We should consume more of veggies, pulses and raw food and less of food items that are spicy in nature. Intake of junk food should be reduced for better health. To keep fit, we must consume a lot of water and include salads and fruits in our daily diet. These items provide fibre and roughage to our body which helps to keep our digestive system smooth.

Yoga and meditation– India introduced the world to yoga. Yoga is an ancient exercise form involving stretches, twists, and turns and breath control in the most complex ways. It is said that practicing yoga on a daily basis integrates the mind and soul and brings an individual at peace. A peaceful mind is free of worries and has the ability to take stress with a smile and this is the biggest characteristic of being healthy.

Cleanliness and hygiene– Keeping our environment clean is the least we can contribute towards the society. By taking care of the surroundings we live in and keeping it clean, we eliminate the possibilities of dangerous diseases which has a direct effect on our health.

To conclude we would say that our body is like a temple and we should take proper care of it. All our life we are fighting for a safe and glorious career, money, and other worldly pleasures but we tend to neglect the most important wealth that God has given every individual, that is, Health.


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