And Chef On Became a Part Of The Family…

The only reason I would love foreseegame always because it introduced me to Chef On. The brand produces delectable bakery and confectionery and for a sweet tooth like me, it was easy to fall for it. It all started, when I managed to win a gift hamper (from Chef On) by playing some easy prediction stuff at foreseegame. I have played earlier, but never won gift hamper. Every time it was a monetary gain, but with gift hamper like Chef On, I was simply elated.

cookies th (1)

I’ll tell you why.

Just a few days before winning the gift hamper, I had the Chef On butter Cookies at my friend’s place and I loved it. That awesome taste is pretty unlikely in the cookies I usually have. The buttery taste along with subtle sweetness simply pampered the taste buds. No doubt, when I got a pack of Chef on butter cookies as a gift hamper I was too excited. It was a small pack, but right then I wanted a big one for my family as I was absolutely sure that everyone in the family would love it.

As I logged in to the ( the manufacturers website), I found that Chef On has its range of products that includes everything from confectionary and bakery to snacks, sauces, pastas, brownies and what not. In fact everything that you need everyday to please your taste buds.

Later, they have also launched energy bar and chocolate, which are one of their kind. My 5 year kid is simply in love with Chef On’s Dark Chocolate. They come with the advantage of customization and that’s what is really good. You can choose and personalize either a 50 gm pack or a 100 gm pack and that too online simply by a few easy clicks.

And finally, I would certainly admit that foreseegame is the place where I got to know about Chef On and I would always be grateful because now chef on has become my favorite brand.


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