Types Of Puzzles That Are Absolute Brainteasers!!

Are you the one who have a skin for decoding facts and see through illusory objects? Then puzzles are the perfect pastime for you. Being an absolute brainteasers, puzzles have already had great popularity, but with the arrival of free puzzle games online, the popularity has increased even more. Here’s a look at 6 types of puzzles that already have become mainstream in the world of online entertainment.

1.Logical puzzle– The toughest of the lot is the logical puzzles. The problems in these puzzles seems so simple, but solving it requires a good logical reasoning. And they are fun stuff too. Try out to sharpen your analytical skill.

2.Spot the Odd– Though it’s meant essentially for the kids, there are stuffs, which are popular among the adults too. Why? Because they are easy, fun to play and the perfect stress busters. You simply need an observant eye.

3.Numeric Puzzle– Are you good in dealing with numbers? Well, the numerical stuffs are all for you. If you are the one who spend most of the time solving Sudoku at newspapers, try out numerical puzzle online that are simply great.


free puzzle games to play

Free Puzzles Online

4.Sudoku– Resembling the numerical puzzle, Sudoku also needs a good deal of logical reasoning. A Sudoku player needs to fill every blocks keeping the logic in mind.

5.Riddles of the missing word– This is no less than of a mind exercise. This also helps building your vocabulary. All you need to do is to find the missing word that could complete the entire sentence aptly.


6.Crosswords – Engage yourself to something really productive. That’s what Crosswords are. It increases your vocabulary skills and stock of words.



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