Explode Your Taste Buds With a Buttery Delight

delicious cookies from sastasundarBeing a customary player in Foreseegame.com, there was this one time that I participated in a contest that this platform was conducting. The contest was truly an exciting one. A very novel concept of this contest and the sponsoring brand both were equally mind blowing that got hold of my attention. Had I not participated I would have never found out my favorite cookie. Does it all sound too confusing? Well…Let me share my experience and you would get to know how I found out my cookie love…

We met through the contest– The fun contest was conducted through Foreseegame. We had to write the name ofFeel the taste of delicious cookies the brand Chef on in different styles more like doodling it in new forms. The reward for the contest was that the winner gets gift hampers from chef on and all the participant would get Chef on cookie of 100 Gms. I was one eager participant and although I did not make it up to the winning list as a participant I was given the chef on cookie jar. That was when me and my favorite cookie met for the first time.

Chef on Cookie– The Chef on Butter Short Bread Cookies were simply awesome. Trust me when I say it the core. The smell of butter and the crunch, it just melts in your mouth and leaves a very pleasing effect. Both the smell and taste can relinquish your taste buds to the nostalgia of an old bakery with the feel of a buttery delight.

Best Friend to a quick bite -When the sweet cravings give in, this cookie can really be your best friend. This comes in a well package tin jar containing 500 Gms containing about twenty to twenty five cookies.

For a sweet experience after a brunch this cookie can surely leave you refreshed and happy. This one is really a keeper.


One comment on “Explode Your Taste Buds With a Buttery Delight

  1. […] a few days before winning the gift hamper, I had the Chef On butter Cookies at my friend’s place and I loved it. That awesome taste is pretty unlikely in the cookies I […]


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