Playoff Pressure Swaying Over the IPL Top Scorers

So far, fans had experienced a series of intriguing and close matches. With just 17 matches to go before playoff begins on 24th May, it’s quite obvious that you have all the eyes stuck at the points scored by the teams. The race towards the most integral stage of IPL 9 is surely shaping up with characteristic twists and turns, but Sunrisers Hyderabad with 14 points in its bag definitely atop the list. However, following its loss against Delhi Daredevils, it’s definitely a warning call for Hyderabad to brace themselves more before the next two matches before playoff. They, in fact need two more wins to score 16 pints and be placed in the first qualifier.

Rising Pune Supergiants and Kings XI Punjab seem to be out of contention but if any of the current top scorer fail to retain their so far “comfortable” position, these two teams might make into the playoffs.

Among the other table toppers mention must be made of Gujarat Lions. With 14 points already from 11 matches, they seem to have sealed their place in. Among the three matches, only two wins will ensure them a step[ forward to the Qualifiers. But, in case of any misfortune if Gujarat loses all three matches, they will remain on 14 points and only the downward spirals of the other teams might get them a chance to get into the playoff round.

However, the sudden spikes from the likes of Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, also propel their position at stake and sources said, their present form is pretty good to knock out Gujarat and Hyderabad from the race of top four.

With 14 points in the score bag, it was somewhat easier in the past season to sneak into the playoffs, however, the season 9 is shaping up with unexpected turns with most of the teams performing their best. With Hyderabad and Gujarat, both standing with 14 points currently, it’s important to take the Net Run Rate or NRR in due consideration. Keeping this point in mind, Delhi Daredevils seems to have been in better position than Gujarat Lions, in spite of scoring just 12 points.


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