5 Trends That Rule The Online Gaming Industry In 2016

“And, 2016 will be a great year for online gaming”.

The growing popularity of the online games was pretty noticeable over the past few years. But, online gaming became so mainstream only after its availability in the mobile devices. A lot of game developers these days are pushing into the mobile space to fetch maximum visibility of their games. Along with that, there’s a growing penchant for online prediction games.

1.Free –to-Play (F2P) Games

Virtual entertainment has turned out mainstream these days, but its popularity depends mostly on the hassle free and quick accessibility. No matter how interesting is the game, if it’s not widely accessible, you can’t reap out the benefit of it. So, most of the developers are using F2P business model in order to attract users. People would love to deal with new and interesting things that won’t cost them a fortune. And that’s the reason F2P model is highly famous and it is expected to continue like that. F2P models are now being accessible through mobile and PC consoles as well.

2. Games Available as a Service

Gone are the days, when a gaming model used to arrive in a “box” and you were the only one to play the game. And as soon as a new model is released, the existing one soon became extinct. Currently, the digitally accessible games are available in a multiplayer format and a new development comes with an “upgrade” option for the existing games. Thus, there’s no “finish line”. With the concept of cloud computing”, the users can stay abreast of the regular updates, including new content, events or options for downloadable content (DLC). Saved in cloud, these games have widespread accessibility ( since they are available on multiple devices) and extended lifecycle. All it needs is a robust internet and no matter where you stay, getting the access is no big deal.

3.Games Having Global Reach

The digitally accessed games have widespread reach. That’s why, the game developers are relentlessly trying to incorporate more diverse themes and genres into their games so as to attract worldwide audiences and retain the global appeal. And with the benefits of “Cloud”, achieving global domination is easier than ever before.

4.Going mobile

Nowadays, people spend most of the time staying hooked t o their handheld devices. Staying tuned to the world even play games on mobile phoneson the go has become a status quo. Studies reveal that the revenue generated from the mobile gaming already surpassed the console gaming in the recent times. No wonder, developers are more inclined to develop gaming app for the smartphones. It’s having effect on wider demographics.

5.Power of Prediction

People love making predictions and that’s where the developers are highly focused. Coming up with prediction based stuff, developers are all set to attract a mixed demographics. Making prediction needs no knowledge , yet there’s a fun. There’s an adrenaline rush always. No wonder, the popularity of the prediction games online is highly increasing. There’s always something interesting about getting rewarded for foresight.

The gaming landscape is on the chance, especially with the digital boom. A new update is going mainstream in almost every minutes. To keep up with the flux, it’s important to stay tuned to the ruling trends.


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