Techniques You Should Avoid When Alexa Rank Is Your Prime Concern

Alexa ranking plays a prime role in determining the quality and source of website traffic. Thus, it also helpsSignificance of Alexa Ranking evaluating if the website has quality content. Not only does it reflect the quality of the site, but also helps in determining if the site is performing well. However, there are certain tricks that webmasters often resort to get the site’s rank improved. While you also need to avoid several traditional stuff that are being prejudiced for bringing highest rank, you need to follow the quality methods. At the same time, there are lot of things that you must avoid doing.
Here we are talking about the techniques that you must avoid while dealing with Alexa.

1.Avoid getting traffic, instead focus on quality traffic

Traffic definitely plays a key role in the ranking process of Alexa, but, it has to be quality traffic. There’s a notion that incorporating the Alexa toolbar extension will help getting a volume of traffic, but that’s not the case. It’s definitely helpful, but only when you can have quality traffic, which is only attracted by the quality content. These days, Alexa not only count the visitors, but also take a note of the page views that helps in evaluating the usability of the site. So, if you have a good quality site with a plenty of content that are useful to the visitors. Hence, stop filling your website with fluffy content, as it may distract quality traffic.

2.Ignoring the blog

That’s a fact that many people tend to ignore. Updating blogs is as important as writing quality stuff. Hence, it’s important to update it as much as possible. In this case, Alexa operates more like Google. Google gives websites that are always updated more priority compared to websites that are not, the same thing applies to Alexa. Alexa gives more importance to websites that are regularly updated and the more you can update the better.

However, always keep in mind that you should start writing rubbish on your blog because a great content will always have a positive impact on the Alexa ranking. By doing this, more people will visit your blog.

3. Getting links in often ignored

Many people are unaware of the fact that getting links is extremely important for a decent Alexa ranking. You might have seen the number of sites linked in the Alexa extension tool. But, it needs to be taken care that the linking sites must be of high quality. This will help you get better traffic that will stay in the site and help in improving the Alexa rank. So, that way, it will be always going in your favour.

There are several techniques that you must avoid to get an improved Alexa rank. However, make sure that, you get a good grip over the Alexa ranking process. This way, you will be able to decide which techniques you should stick to and what to be avoided.


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