India to Ban Old Trucks to Curb Carbon Footprints

The soaring air pollution in the urban areas of the country seems to worry the Government, as it has recently issued an order to ban all commercial trucks running for 15 years. The reviewing process of checking the vehicle emissions is underway, says a senior transport official.

Over the past few years, air pollution has claimed a significant toll on lives across India. According to a report published by the World Health Organization, India had 13 of the 20 most polluted cities on the planet, with New Delhi, being the worst offender.

The reports say that fumes emitted from the 15 years old commercial vehicles are most likely to cause pollution. Many of them are obsolete and those which are still running have poor maintenance. According to the reports submitted by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), these kind of vehicles spewed about 60 percent of the total emissions every day.

When asked about the governmental measures to deal with the issue, Vijay Chhibber, the top bureaucrat, told Reuters “We are to make 15 years the end of the life for all commercial vehicles.” in the transport ministry. The issued order is supposed to be implemented from next April.

“It (air pollution) will get worse every year unless we do something.” Vivek Chattopadhyay, a pollution expert at CSE also claimed that “Taxes on cars and parking charges should be raised to curtail usage, and public transport should be expanded. He has also added, “Emissions are not just related to age.”
According to the experts, the growing threats of pollution is the outcome of utter negligence and weak coordination. This has further led the implementation of the law properly, which cripples all the campaigns that have been adopted so far to clean the Indian cities. No wonder, the health crisis in India is abysmal claiming over more than 600,000 premature lives.

However, a significant part of the implementation team is still dubious about the proposed ban. In fact, it’s not yet clear whether the proposed ban would go a long way to solve the problem which is essentially the consequence of faltering efforts.

In addition to the proposed ban, the Government of India is also trying its best to check vehicles that must comply with tighter emissions standards by 2019. In addition to the commercial vehicles, the transport ministry is also trying its best to check the overhaul emission tests on private cars , so as to ensure that the pollution can be extensively checked.

Despite stringent efforts, the country is still behind emission norms followed in Europe and China. However, the governmental measures that are being recently adopted is expected to bring result in a short span of time.

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