Intolerance Is Going To Be The Debatable Subject In Parliament In The Winter Session, Says Opposition

When the lawmakers were busy debating various provisions that are worthy to be  discussed on the table, the winter session of Parliament  set out smoothly with the issue of “Intolerance” that is  evidently a pressing concern  these days. On the eve of the first Constitution Day on November 26, the Parliament was celebrating the 125th birth anniversary of its architect, BR Ambedkar and that’s when the issue of “Intolerance” came up in a blow.  While the growing conflict is palpable on the issue of “Intolerance” over the past few days, it has soon caught the attention of the “who’s who” in the Parliament. In fact, the discussion on growing intolerance gets underway on Monday.

However, on the other hand, there is a clear divide in the Opposition on the matter. A part in the opposition said that discussing such an issue like “Intolerance” in a significant session at Parliament will further brew up more discord across the nation.

In fact, it’s been already noted that the all-party meeting held on November 25 in the backdrop of actor Aamir Khan’s remarks on “growing intolerance”, there was an increasing demand for an early discussion on the issue. Surprisingly, the opposition had the highest pitch. In relation to this, they have also added that the act of returning of awards by writers, artistes and filmmakers can’t be overlooked by light treatment.

On Sunday, Congress’ KC Venugopal, the major exponent in favour of the discussion, avoided a response. But, the response was given by his colleague in the Rajya Sabha, Rajeev Shukla. Shukla said, “The intolerance issue will be certainly raised along with inflation.” On the other hand, Sultan Ahmed of West Bengal’s ruling Trinamool Congress says “raising issues for debates shouldn’t transform into disruptions”. “We want the House to discuss every issue including intolerance, but there should no disruption,” Mr Ahmed said, adding, “Disruptions are also a kind of intolerance!”

Trinamool’s stance, from the very beginning was to discuss the government’s strategy to pass the Goods and Services Tax – Modi government’s flagship legislative agenda – in the current session of Parliament. In addition to that, Modi Government is also emphasizing on getting Congress on board with his already held attempt called chai pe charcha with Congress President Sonia Gandhi and his predecessor Dr Manmohan Singh on Friday.

Though Congress is yet to officially announce its stand after the Prime Minister’s meeting with their party president, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, the junior minister for Parliamentary Affairs, voiced out an optimistic tone following the meeting. While sharing his view with the NDTV, Mr Naqvi said: “The issues that are related to the development of the country don’t belong to any party. I am sure all parties will come forward for the development of the country.”

Both PM Modi and Union finance minister Arun Jaitley have similar kind of interest about the GST. The bill however will be passed after holding a series of meetings with the opposition parties last week.

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