They Say Google Provides You The Best Workplace! This Is The Third Time In a Row

Probably there are innumerable times, your friend (who was lucky enough to get placed in Google after his Engineering) has bragged about his workplace. And all those time, you had nothing to do just to go green at their luck. Yes, they are indeed fortunate as they are working in Google, the place which tops the list of the companies that offer the best workplace infrastructure.

It’s the third time, Google has topped the list of world’s best company to work for, while the software developer SAS Institute and manufacturing firm W L Gore were ranked second and third respectively.

According to the annual, “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces List”‘, the Google is the no. 1 choice among the 25 global companies to work for. And there’s no more Indian company , which has made it to the coveted list. Others in the top ten include, BBVA (8th), Monsanto (9th) and American Express (10th) place. The list also include, Marriott (11th), Belcorp (12th), Scotiabank (13th), Autodesk (14th), Cisco (15th), Atento (16th), Diageo (17th), Accor (18th), Hyatt (19th), Mars (20th), Cadence (21st), Hilti (22nd), EY (23rd), H&M (24th), and Novo Nordisk (25th).

As per the evaluation, Google gives employment to more than half a million employees in the 2015,where there is always a spirit of camaraderie among the employees. It’s also said that it is central for Google making such an unprecedented progress. Each of the employee in the company perceives that their cultures are great, sources said.

Presently, Google is operating year’s best workplaces represent operations in 47 different countries across the world. And it can cater to a wide range of industries ranging from cosmetics and candy to computer software and chemicals. However, the other countries, which are also in the top ten list, involves other listed companies from the industrial sectors like retail, financial services and hospitality fields.

Qualifying companies, including Google Inc. which are also included in the list are already selected for at least five national Great Place to Work lists. All of them have about 5,000 employees worldwide and source at least 40% of their global workforce outside of the company’s home country.

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