Getting Into the Net Neutrality Debate: Let’s Find the Story Behind

The growing focus of Net Neutrality “right” is found to have an extra motivation for the government to bring the largest folk of “unconnected” India under one roof. Quite a progressive approach on its part, the Net Neutrality “right” has already had its reach into the millions of Indian hearts. But, the right of “Net Neutrality” is allegedly at stake by the intervention of, the US based company., the latest of Mark Zuckerberg’s initiatives, is facing scathing criticisms from different sources following its alleged effort to violate the right of Net Neutrality. However, Facebook is always up for defending the initiative that offers free access to basic Internet services to consumers. But, the other organization of the same authority is going against it. And that’s where all it started.

India has presently over 8 lakh users under the initiative. According to Mark Zuckerberg, new and innovative regulatory frameworks re needed to safeguard the right to net neutrality of the consumers and at the same time companies also need to work on the new models in order to achieve internet access. In this connection, he has also added, “There is this big struggle, debate in India now on how you balance these two things and this is an incredibly important debate because India is the country in the world with the most unconnected people.”.

Zuckerberg replied when asked about his opinion about the concept of net neutrality, ” connecting everyone with internet is a national and global priority because, it , in the long run will develop job and help checking the poverty that knocks a major part of the world.

As a part of the initiative, Zuckerberg’s Facebook has also established a partnership with
Reliance Communications in India, so that it can offer unlimited access to over 30 websites without data charges to users., is recently re-branded as Free Basics and is now available in 20 countries. But, as it is supposedly violating the principles of net neutrality, the firm has faced quite a widespread criticism.
In reality is against any priority being rendered to an entity in the Internet traffic flow on account of payments to service providers like telecom companies.

According to Zuckerberg, ” We roll out Free Basics everywhere in the world and are successful. But if something goes wrong in India and we don’t get the debate right and the balance isn’t struck correctly, that will hold the whole world back from helping grow their economy, from all the ideas that people who don’t have Internet yet.”
However, such a comment on Zuckerberg’s part is certainly contradicting the opinion he held before. Earlier when he came out in defence of the initiative that it would not surely block or throttle the free services. In fact, it’s not in conflict with net neutrality. Nevertheless, the contemporary scenario portrays a different story.

However, the Vice President of Communication and Public Policy in Facebook has said the decision is taken considering the needs of the world.

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