The Government Order On Bakr-I-Id Brews Controversy In Rajasthan

The BJP Government, since their ascension has always managed to keep themselves in the spotlight with their sheer prejudices to the Muslims. Following the meat ban in Mumbai due to the Jain Festival, the government intervention during the festival of Bakr-i-Id has created quite a storm in Rajasthan.

Days after announcing a meat ban in Mumbai, the schools and colleges in Rajasthan are being ordered to prepare for the blood donation camps on September 25, the date, which unfortunately coincides with the festival of Bakr-i-Id, when most of the schools and colleges are closed in the state. As the Basundhara Raje Government says, the blood donation camp is being organized to celebrate the birthday anniversary of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, an icon of the BJP and its ideological mentor Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

The day coincides with the Muslim festival of Bakr-Id, which has so far been a holiday in the state, but this time, the state government has a different say. According to their instructions, the colleges are not supposed to declare holidays on that very day. No surprise, the order has stirred a lot of controversies and raged the Muslims groups of the state, who are supposedly going to the court for challenging the orders.

“This is a unconstitutional and a very fascist order,” said Professor Salim Engineer of the Forum for Democracy and Communal Harmony. He said that the government’s move was allegedly a clear attempt at ‘saffronisation’ – the term used by critics to label pro-Hindu moves adopted by the BJP Government.

However, the government has played safe on the backlash, saying that Muslim teachers and students will be granted leave on that very day, without any issue. However, nothing has been put on papers, which has further raged the Muslim groups in Rajasthan.

Such an order on the government’s part has stirred up serious controversies by Rajasthan’s Education Department, which had earlier criticized the government’s announcement for making  ‘Surya Namaskar’, a yoga asana, mandatory in all government schools. According to them, it does not bring any such good in the education system.

However, on this disputable issues, the state’s Higher Education Minister Kalicharan Saraf, whose department has introduced the latest announcement on the blood donation camps, finds no wrong in the government’s order. And there’s nothing about ” saffronisation”. Deen Dayal was a celebrated politician and an iconic character and his contribution to the country should be commemorated with such noble acts.

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