Prime Minister Modi Shares a Metro Ride with Commuters, Clicks Selfie

The Sunday evening was a little different, rather delightful for the commuters of Delhi Metro as they meet Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and click selfies with the VVIP fellow passenger. On his way to flag off the Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Line, Modi became a perfect “common man” who loves to spend a Sunday evening just like a normal man does. From posing to posting selfies in an apparently uncrowded compartment of the Delhi Metro, the Sunday evening was indeed a pleasant experience for the commuters, and probably for the Prime Minister too.

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The Delhi-Faridabad Metro Line everyday connects Delhi and Haryana for around two lakh daily commuters. Even in the Sundays the footfall is not too low. As the Prime Minister boarded the Metro from Janpath, he became a part of the common people to Bata Chowk station of Faridabad-Badarpur line, say the reports.

Following his delightful journey in the metro, the Prime Minister delivered an inspiring speech addressing the daily commuters of the Delhi metro. He has also added that Haryana is like his second home and he would be really happy if he could really do something for this state. Following the formalities of inauguration of the Metro Line, Modi insisted on developing the infrastructure of the state. He said that a proper infrastructure is important for the full-fledged development of the state. And this time, the government’s sole aim is nothing but development. On this note, it’s expected that the government will have an “extra” focus on the developmental projects in Haryana in the coming years. And the Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Line is just the first step toward it. “Work will soon begin for the Ballabhgarh stretch of the Metro”, Modi replied when he was asked to comment about the developmental projects the government is likely to take in the recent years.

According to what reports has to say, the total cost of the project from Badarpur to Escorts Mujesar is nearly Rs 2,500 crore. Out of this, Rs 1,557 crore was spent by the Haryana State Government and 537 crore was offered by the Centre as a subsidy. However, PTI reports that Delhi Metro has also offered their helping hand by giving 400 crore to this project.

The new/upcoming Badarpur-Faridabad Metro Line will tentatively have nine stations in this section that includes SaraiMewala Maharajpur, , NHPC Chowk, Badkal Mor, Sector 28, Neelam Chowk Ajronda, Old Faridabad, Bata Chowk and Escorts Mujesar. In order to keep the regular transport hassle free, all these metro stations are elevated. These are comfortably located on either side of the Delhi-Mathura Road (NH-2).

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