UAE Government Will Allot Land For Building Temple In Abu Dhabi

It seems Narendra Modi is quite upbeat following his two-day state visit to United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the UAE government has adopted a revolutionary decision to allot land for building a temple in Abu Dhabi for the Indian community. As both the governments have agreed on this decision, it seems, PM Narendra Modi is being highly focused on increasing the fraternity spirit of India.

“A long wait for the Indian community ends. On the occasion of PM`s visit, UAE Govt decides to allot land for building a temple in Abu Dhabi,” tweeted external affairs ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup.

Following this landmark  decision, PM  Modi  has  expressed  his  sincere gratitude to the UAE leadership. There has been two temples in Dubai already, one of Lord Shiva and another of Lord Krishna, but, there’s been none in Abu Dhabi. And the landmark decision of the UAE government is indeed  a  great news  for the large volume of the Indian communities  residing here.

Reports say that the UAE is the abode of 2.6 million Indian workers, of which around 20 percent are white-collar professionals. And about 30 percent of the UAE`s population are the expatriates, thus forming Indian community the largest nationality group. For all these people, there’s been no temple in the Abu Dhabi.  They had to go to Dubai during the time of Indian festivals and pujas.

During the first public engagement here, Narendra Modi paid a short visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a key place of worship in the UAE, which has always been known as a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.  During this time, he was wearing a kurta with a cream and red stole and   spent about 40 minutes at the mosque. This grand mosque with 82 magnificent domes was built at the cost of USD 545 million. Duringhis  visit,  Modi was associated with UAE culture minister Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan and minister of state for foreign affairs Dr Anwar Gargash. With such acts,  Modi has once again  upoheld the  secular spirit of India.

Currently, The Zayed Grand Mosque’s third largest in the world after the ones in Mecca and Madina in Saudi Arabia. And this mosque is also known for extraordinary marble mosaic which is also largest in the world.According to the UAE government, the proposed temple is also expected to be one of the largest landmark of the world to be built in the UAE.

Narendra Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister to visit the UAE in 34 years and this time, it’s indeed a good news for India and the Indians living there.

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