It’s Time To Relieve The Pre-Iphone Era With LG’s Wine Smart

Remember the time when flip phones were too smart? Then phones got smarter and feature –rich and with the advent of the iPhone series, the scenario changed even more. It was the time  when everyone  grabbed a  smartphone and the once coolest  gadget, the flip phone slowly disappeared from  the  scene.

However, 2015 is arrived with the good news for the  flip phone lovers.  And this time, flips are smarter than a smartphone.  This is made all possible by LG Wine Smart Series. The once defunct flip phones are making a comeback with LG in a way you perhaps have never thought of.

Sources said that the LG Electronic’s latest foldable smartphone LG Gentle is all set to make its appearance in navy and burgundy.

As far as the features are concerned, the clamshell-designed handset comes with a 4GB of onboard storage, but it is further expandable via microSD card. Though the maximum storage limit has not been specified, it’s  expected that LG’s latest gadget is  equipped with all the  special features that are likely to  give it’s so called “smart’ counterparts  a  tough competition.

Looking  at its AOL subscriptions, you will soon have the  feeling that  the flip phone seems to be an anachronism, a leftover fragment  from another age. It’s quite gentle and a low-end model from  LG, though , but it’s expected that the new  flip  smart phone  will   seize about 20% of the entire smartphone market. And, along with that, there’s plenty of growth opportunities with a cheaper model.

The Wine Smart from LG squeezes the latest Android Lollipop version in it.Though there’s a few days to go till the LG’s Wine makes an appearance in  India,  the gadget is already a big hit in South Korea. Needless to say,  LG is all set to go old school with its new smartphone. The LG Wine Smart comes with a leather-like rear panel and will be available in navy and burgundy colors, but only after its release in the closing of the season. However, the manufacturers have also decided to release the first generation of the Wine Smart in the selected markets, such as France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Kazakhstan, and Japan, with other countries to follow.

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If considered in terms of convenience quotient, the Wine Smart actually combines the familiarity of a folder phone with an easy-to-use touchscreen. One can also find the connectivity and power of a smartphone in it. In addition, LG Wine is going to be the latest Android flip phone that is planning to roll out soon. Along with this design, the device also comes with a functional facility like a smartphone. From a highly sensitive touchscreen and exclusive icons the  3×3 home screen layout on the crisp 3.2-inch HVGA display is surely an eye candy.

However, the most happening feature is certainly the T9 keyboard, which certainly reminds you of a time when you
needed particular features to communicate fast through text. And with all these, it’s quite clear that LG is slowly becoming quite smart, as it has brought the excellent solution of LG Wine.

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