The Union Government Sanctions 1000 Crore Rupees For Indo-Bangla Rail Link Project

It’s been quite a few years that the governments of India and Bangladesh are taking the “fraternity spirit” between two countries on a serious note. From frequent visits to each other, the government of both the countries have taken several proactive steps to promote the idea of brotherhood. And the project of Indo-Bangla train link certainly deserves a special mention.

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For a long time, the government is focused on this project, but it was delaying, mostly due to the financial crunch. Moreover, there are other ramifications too that were quite likely played a significant role in delaying the process. However, the sanction of 1000 crore rupees for the proposed India-Bangla rail link is quite a significant step on the Indian government’s part.

It’s on 25 July 2015,the Indian Government has passed the sanction of Rs 1000 crore for the purpose of laying 5.06 km long tracks that connects the Indian Railways with Bangladesh through the stretch of the North East.

Considering the vastness of the proposed rail link, it’s been expected that the project would be completed by 2017.The construction of the entire route will be done by IRCON. And that’s not all. The proposed Indo-Bangla Rail Link is coming up with a robust set of world-class features.

Sources said, out of 15.06 km length connecting Agartala with Akhaura railway junction in Bangladesh, 3.7 km would comprise of elevated corridor. And there’s more to it, which are going to be released as soon as the project starts. According to the government of both the countries, this is one of the major steps adopted to keep up with the pulse of the hour.

It’s also stated that the successful completion of the project would result in the reduction of the distance from Agartala to Kolkata from 1650 km to 515 km. Moreover, it would be helpful in doing away with the difficult hilly terrain which used to be a key barrier to the streamlined connection between these countries.

The proposed rail-link seems to be financially helpful as well. As far as the trading is concerned, the Rail link seems to be amazingly helpful for both the countries. In addition, it will also promote the trading and people’s connection in North-East region of India and Bangladesh.

The project India- Bangla Rail Link is the brainchild of both the government who were lately being increasingly focused on improving the relationship between two neighbouring countries. It’s during Modi’s visit to Dhaka from 6 June to 7 June 2015, such a decision has been adopted.

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