Top 6 Trailers That Rocks San Diago Comic Con 2015

San Diego Comic Con has become a household name since the day “twilight” made its appearance on screen back in 2008. Started out as a leading entertainment expositions, San Diego Comic Con has evolved into an event of international stature.

A bastion of geek culture, Comic Con is certainly the Mecca of the die-hard fans and line enthusiasts of movies and television. 2015 Comic Con has seen the trailers of a slew of exciting stories, mind boggling scenes and spectacular flicks . And those who have completely missed it out, here’s a sneak peek.

1.Deadpool leaked trailer: The trailer somehow leaked online but that’s kind of real “best” thing about the movie’s promotion. It seems the movie will have everything that the fans hoped it would be. Bagging massive cheers in Hall H Saturday evening, Deadpool is slated for the theatres on February 16th.

2.Batman vs Superman: The trailer seems to create a lot more buzz than was actually expected. While the Batman & Superman has an enviable fan base on the respective ends, the cinematic teaming of the duo seems to catch the spotlight even more. And apart from the obvious points that are going to create magic on screen, the movie’s trailer also cues on subtle revelations that strongly points to the antagonistic turn between Superman and Batman in the movies. Quite a “Bollywood masala”, we believe.

3.Suicide Squad: The leaked trailer of Suicide Squad is all about Margot Robbie. It shows ‘wicked” Robbie is caged at a maximum security. She played a super villain here and in imprisoned, where she dangles upside down performing gymnastics.

And then there are the television series that seriously caught the audience off guard, as the Comic Con 2015 exposed the trailers. They are no less than a big budget Sci-fi movie and we believe they are the key part of the San Diego Comic Con 2015.

1.The Walking Dead: The original version has just got a bit heavier, as it joins the with the new spin-off series, Fear the Walking Dead from the upcoming season. Zombies will block your two hours surely.

2.Game of Thrones: SDCC will remain incomplete without the grand show of Comic Con’s Game of Thrones. The cast and crew are expected to captivate the audience in Hall H between 2:30PM and 3:30PM.

3.Ash vs. Evil Dead: SDCC season will be all groovy with the sudden, yet triumphant return of the Evil Dead. It’s also a reprise of the iconic lead character by Bruce Campbell during a time when he is dealing with aging and responsibility and of course the Evil Dead. The rest is yet to be unveiled, but we can assure it will be surprises packed.

Also, the shows like Supergirl, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, Sherlock and 12 Monkeys will share the screen with the most coveted series of the time.


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