“Walk Of Hope” Initiates An Unusual Initiative To Promote Communal Harmony Across India

Just when the national progress has come to a grinding halt following the incessant threats of terror, Sri M, he spiritual guru has set out for a daunting walkathon from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to promote the message of peace and communal harmony. The Padyatra, through which Sri M is planning to walk the length of the country from Kashmir to Kanyakumari will take him 500 days to complete. He is supposed to criss-crossing 11 states during the walkathon.
Walk of Hope

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Following the footsteps of Adi Shankaracharya, the celebrated spiritual guru, who embraced such an attempt at the age of 16 years ago, Sri M believed that “Walk of Hope” will certainly initiate the idea of harmony at least in some groups. While accounting his inspiring story about “Walk of Hope”, Sri M quoted, “I’m 66. I have some bodily obstacles that I have to be careful about,” he said in a phone-in from a village near Satara in Maharashtra. As a nation, I believe it is important to spread the message of peace and harmony — a message that must celebrate the commonalities that exist between the multitude of faiths and cultures that can be found in our unique nation.

He is, he says, undertaking this gruelling journey in order to spread the message of communal harmony, because only mass awareness can curb the growing terrors that is apparently engulfing the nation at its length.

The regular outbreaks of communal violence erupts the country from its core. We are against our own people, own land and own blood, only in the name of religion. Lives are lost while the social fabric is tattered. And in addition, a lot of crucial opportunities are taking a backseat, which has throttled the nation’s and its peoples’ progress.
When asked about the efficacy of this innovative effort, he said, “I felt it was time to go back to our roots and this walk is an attempt to do just that.” He was accompanied by a group of over 150 people till his journey up to Srinagar in April.

“We start walking at 5.30 am and continue doing so for the next six hours. We walk up to 11.30 am and then take a halt in a village or in someone’s home,” he says. “After a brief rest, we spend our time interacting with children, students and the local people giving them a message of hope, love, peace, harmony and oneness. We stay in the homes of people, and in the smaller towns, we will stay in schools and community halls with the hospitality being provided by the local people”, he added.Spread the word of love and peace in the nation

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Before being elevated as a spiritual guru, Sri M was a commonplace Muslim boy who took birth in a devout Muslim family of Trivandrum on the lap of Mumtaz Ali Khan. His urge of getting enlightened under the guidance of spiritual gurus in the Himalayas was indomitable and finally he got the lessons from Sri Maheshwarnath Balaji.
According to Shahnawaz, one of Sri M’s closest disciples, the Walk of Group is all set to reach Pune by July and is planning to complete the journey by the closing of this year.

It seems that the efforts of Walk of Hope has already brought the fruits of success in several parts of India, if not across the whole nation. The enthusiasm and support offered by the chief ministers of Kerala and Karnataka are worth mention in this regards, as they have come up to offer their helping hands and heartfelt as they come by when the Walk of Hope group passed through these two states.

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